Contact us - But, before you do please read below!

1a. If you have a simple style question, I might’ve already written about it. Do a quick Google search, such as ‘ how to style long curly hair extensions’ or something else related to your inquiry.

1b. Got a question about something I didn’t answer on my blog? It’s important to keep your email brief. Be like, under five sentences brief. You don’t have to tell me the whole story of your life if you’re just wondering how to match colours in hair for example. If any of it sounds familiar, just check out some previous articles I’ve written and see how they might help.

2. Are you a PR company promoting a product or a company? If so, then please be aware that I receive at least 8-10 email pitches just like yours every day. Why waste your time if you’re not getting anywhere? Feel free to send your email but don’t be surprised if I have no interest. If I had an awesome product, I’ll probably hear about it from readers and friends. If that happens, then I will be reaching out to you.

3. If you’re a freelance writer and act like you’re stealthily inquiring (on behalf of a client) about writing a guest post just so you can insert a link somewhere in there, please don’t contact us.

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